Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be on the LOOKOUT for Swine Flu

Well the few people who actually were following this blog have probably long ago abandoned it considering the lack of activity it has seen over the last few weeks.  I had so much NC Lookouts news that I actually sat down and made a list of the different posts and topics I needed to make.  And that's about as far as I got.  I'm down and out for the count.  Go get your vaccines, folks.  You don't want the swine flu - take it from me.  It's horrible.

When I get the energy back to fulfill that list, I promise lots of exciting news.  Duckett Top rehabilitation.  A hike to Shuckstack with NPS officials (seriously!).  Pinnacle Mountain Lookout Fundraising Dinner.  Carolina Mountain Club Banquet & Lookout Tower Challenge Award Recipients.  Panther Top Lookout Access Date Success.  Little Snowball National Historic Lookout Register Induction Ceremony.  A 7,000 ft. Elevation Gain Hike to Mt. Mitchell.  More Book/Tower Photos.  NC Lookout Towers featured on National Public Radio.  Oh my!

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